"Night of The Talking Dead"

The Talk's 2014 Halloween show theme was classic monster movies.
Starting with the Pre-Production the graphics department was involved in all aspects of the production.
Once the initial script was written for the show open, it was reformatted in Storyboard Pro, where all shot continuity and camera angles were worked out. Storyboards were output for the crew with detailed notes and turned into a shooting script and rundown.

This blueprint for the sequence included dialogue, effects shots, transitions, graphics, animation and music cues.
Carefully selected stock footage was given an accurate film look for the 1940s and 1950s.
Great care was taken to emulate the nostalgic B-Movie style of text-driven horror trailers of the era.
The visual effects were designed to be fun and playful homages to monster cinema of the past.

On-set supervision and post-production supervision gave the control and planning needed to orchestrate this mini-movie in just 2 weeks while also putting a dozen episodes on the air.